Class description subject to change. For immediate questions contact Angie 860 372-2883 ( call or text)

Relax and Restore Candlelight Yoga– a gentle class surrounded by flickering, warm light. Postures promote calm and renewal.

Stretch & Strengthen Yoga– a yoga flow to stretch in all directions while your body builds strength. Perfect for those with tight hips and hamstrings!

YONO Tone & Flow- a combination of yoga flow and holds incorporating light weights and resistance bands for maximum strength and balance benefits.

Dynamic Flow- all levels fluid Vinyasa class. A playful experience, exploring your edge in a range of poses where modifications are offered. Some experience needed in synchronizing movement and breath.

Power Yoga– tone muscles, burn calories, increase stamina, strength and flexibility. Modifications offered! ON ZOOM ONLY AT THIS TIME

Lunchtime Express– for the yogi on the go! This all levels class is 50 minutes giving you time for travel on your lunch break!

Yoga calm/Gentle Yoga Flow– whether you’re a beginner, overcoming an injury or just need to slow down this class will synchronize breath with movement to restore your internal balance.

Fit Fusion– a heart pumping combination of yoga/pilates and ballet influenced exercises! Energizing music, laughter and a full body workout often using light weights and bands will leave you happy, refreshed and recharged! Class ends with a relaxation. ALL levels encouraged

Moderate Yoga Flow– beyond the basics! Build on poses for strength and flexibility throughout your entire body!

Buti Yoga– a class like NO OTHER! Go within and discover your true power and full potential! An energizing blend of vinyasa style yoga, tribal dance and primal movement your body craves! OUTDOOR ONLY AT THIS TIME.

HIIT-  combines short bursts of intense exercise with periods of rest or lower-intensity exercise. These workouts often mix aerobic and resistance training.

Vinyasa flow- Breath and upbeat music will motivate you through a practice that will encourage you to work strength and balance. Adjust the difficulty of your practice with amplifications and modifications and feel rewarded during the deep stretching and meditation that make up the last part of class.

Self guided practice- Wednesday mornings from 8-9 put into practice what you have been learning in the guided classes. Angie has created a video on YOUTUBE for you to use/review and not necessarily memorize instead use as a template (there will also be a written sequence for you to see). Cameras stay on and the practice will be about 40 minutes long. Show up ANYTIME between 8-9 to complete your practice (perfect for those who like an early start or who like to hit snooze a few more times). Angie will be offering verbal cues and guidance and will bring everyone together for an intention then you pick up where you left off and choose your length of savasana. Through this practice we build confidence in our flow, understanding how our bodies want to move from one moment to the next and finding a moving meditation without distraction.





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