Mala making and meditation with Shelley ZOOM LIVE!

Mala making and meditation with Shelley ZOOM LIVE!


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Didn’t get into the in-studio class or prefer hanging out at home!! We got you!!


Explore the history of Mala beads and their significance in meditation. Make your own and feel your personal connection to this ancient art.

Join Shelley, YONO’s Buti yoga instructor for the 1.5 hour class on the history of Malas, their use and how to incorporate meditation into your daily routine.

Mala kits will be available curbside pick up at the studio in Willimantic between 9/13-9/17 (contact Angie to arrange time and day) OR before/after outdoor yoga classes in Chaplin on 9/14 & 9/17.

Kits range from $5-$25, you choose what works for you…remember, your mala chooses you;)

Cost: $10 (this does not include price of mala kit, you choose at pick up)

Saturday September 19th 10:45-12pm



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